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This sample will walk you through the process of generating lists of Items with Specific Lexical Characteristics

The following query generates a list of Words based upon user selectable criteria. You may select both the characteristics that you wish to see as well as enter any limits upon their values. Only those words and characteristics matching all of your entered contraints will be displayed.

Note: This can often produce large datavirtuals when contraints are not listed.


Several Icons have special meaning and will be used in the course of building your query:

Hierachical Display of Data:

Expand Item

This control expands a related list of attributes that can be used to specify constraints on the data or whether or not that attribute should be included in your result set. Clicking on it will cause a list of attributes to display.

Collapse Item

Clicking on this control will cause a list of attributes to collapse and not display.

Attribute Controls:


Clicking on this control will generate a window containing a brief description of the attribute as well as its summary statistics.


Clicking on this control will generate a window permitting one to specify any contraints (max / min) to associate with this attribute in the query

What's Next

In this sample query, you will be taken through the process of generating a list of words with the following characteristics.
  1. Length, (5 or 6 letters)
  2. Number of orthographic neighbors, (11 or 12)
  3. Lexical decision accuracy, (at least 97%)
When you continue, a you will be presented with the form that is used to generate a list of words based upon your selected criteria. Another window will also popup containing instructions on completing this form.

Please click continue when you are ready to proceed...

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