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Submit Arbitrary Lists of Non-Words to generate Lexical Characteristics

Generates lexical characteristics for a user submitted list. This list can either be a text file, or can be pasted within a text block on this form.

List Options:

Method of Submission:
    Free Text List of Words
    Filename Containing List of Words

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Length Describe Length

Expand/Collapse Item Orthographic Neighborhood
Ortho_N Describe Ortho_N
Neighborhood Button Describe Neighborhood Button

Expand/Collapse Item Bigram Frequency
BG_Sum Describe BG_Sum
BG_Mean Describe BG_Mean
BG_Freq_By_Pos Describe BG_Freq_By_Pos

Query Options:

Query Scope: Method of Distribution:
    Restricted ELP Lexicon
    The complete ELP Lexicon

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