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Searches the ELP Database for all words contained within a list of words provided by the user. This list can be submited in the form of a user submitted list. This list can either be a text file, or can be pasted within a text block on this form.

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    Free Text List of Words
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Expand/Collapse Item General Fields
Length Describe Length
Freq_KF Describe Freq_KF
Freq_HAL Describe Freq_HAL
Log_Freq_HAL Describe Log_Freq_HAL

Expand/Collapse Item SUBTITLE Frequency

Expand/Collapse Item Orthographic, Phonological, Phonographic, and Levenshtein Neighborhood Metrics
Ortho_N Describe Ortho_N
Phono_N Describe Phono_N
Phono_N_H Describe Phono_N_H
OG_N Describe OG_N
OG_N_H Describe OG_N_H
Freq_N Describe Freq_N
Freq_N_P Describe Freq_N_P
Freq_N_PH Describe Freq_N_PH
Freq_N_OG Describe Freq_N_OG
Freq_N_OGH Describe Freq_N_OGH
Freq_Greater Describe Freq_Greater
Freq_G_Mean Describe Freq_G_Mean
Freq_Less Describe Freq_Less
Freq_L_Mean Describe Freq_L_Mean
Freq_Rel Describe Freq_Rel
Orthographic Neighborhood Button Describe Neighborhood Button
Phonological Neighborhood Button Describe Phonological Neighborhood Button
Phonological Neighborhood Button (with Homophones) Describe Phonological Neighborhood Button
Phonographic Neighborhood Button Describe Phonographic Neighborhood Button
Phonographic Neighborhood Button (with Homophones) Describe Phonographic Neighborhood Button
OLD Describe OLD
OLDF Describe OLDF
PLD Describe PLD
PLDF Describe PLDF

Expand/Collapse Item Bigram Frequency
BG_Sum Describe BG_Sum
BG_Mean Describe BG_Mean
BG_Freq_By_Pos Describe BG_Freq_By_Pos

Expand/Collapse Item Phonological Characteristics
Pron (Pronunciation) Describe Pron
NPhon (Number of Phonemes) Describe NPhon
NSyll (Number of Syllables) Describe NSyll

Expand/Collapse Item Morphological Characteristics
MorphSp (Morpheme Parse - Letters) Describe MorphSp
MorphPr (Morpheme Parse - Phonemes) Describe MorphPr
NMorph (Number of Morphemes) Describe NMorph

Expand/Collapse Item Part of Speech
POS (Part of Speech) Describe POS

Expand/Collapse Item Behavioral Results: Lexical Decision
I_Mean_RT Describe I_Mean_RT
I_Zscore Describe I_Zscore
I_SD Describe I_SD
Obs Describe Obs
I_Mean_Accuracy Describe I_Mean_Accuracy

Expand/Collapse Item Behavioral Results: Naming
I_NMG_Mean_RT Describe I_NMG_Mean_RT
I_NMG_Zscore Describe I_NMG_Zscore
I_NMG_SD Describe I_NMG_SD
I_NMG_Obs Describe I_NMG_Obs
I_NMG_Mean_Accuracy Describe I_NMG_Mean_Accuracy

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Query Scope: Method of Distribution:
    Restricted ELP Lexicon
    The complete ELP Lexicon

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