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Characteristics Included in the ELP:

We plan to include the following data and item characteristics for each of the 40,481 words and 40,481 nonwords used in the study:

    Behavioral Data

    • Mean lexical decision latency for each word across 34 participants.
    • Mean lexical decision time standardized (z-score) on each participants overall reaction time.
    • Standard deviation of the mean lexical decision.
    • Mean lexical decision accuracy across 34 participants.
    • Mean Speeded naming time across 25 participants
    • Mean Speeded naming time standardized (z-score) on each participants overall reaction time.
    • Standard deviation of the mean speeded naming time.
    • Mean speeded naming accuracy across 25 participants.

    Lexical Characteristics

    • General Characteristics such as length, frequency, and syntactic code.
    • *Orthographic Neighborhood characteristics including number of neighbors, number of higher and lower frequency neighbors, and relative frequency.
    • *Bigram frequency information including total bigram count, average bigram count, and sum bigram count by position.
    • Phonological characteristics such as pronunciation, number of phonemes, and hyphenation.
    • Morphological characteristics such as morphological parsing, and number of morphemes.
    • Part of Speech, words classified as nouns, verbs, adverbs, etc..

    * These calculations can be genreated based on either the restricted 40,000 word lexicon used in the ELP experiment or from a larger 80,000 word lexicon dereived from the H.A.L. norms.

Sample Queries

Queries are typically used to:
  • Generate lists of words or nonwords with specific characteristics.

    see Generation Sample Query

  • Submit lists of words or nonwords (any text file) to generate word characteristics and behavioral indexes such as lexical decision and / or naming performance.
  • Access individual participant data.


Help for the SAMPA data can be obtained through the following link: http://brettkessler.com/ELP/README-SAMPA-2004-06-10.txt.utf8

Please submit your questions to the ELP Project Administrator
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